Johanna Garrison

Tangled Destinies
A Clash of Cultures, A Miraculous Love Story, A Message of Hope Triumphs Loss
by Johanna Garrison

"If God really loved me, why did this happen?"

Have you ever felt that way?

Henk certainly did after his father was a victim of the Holocaust and his mother and sister were killed in a bombing raid later described as a mistake. Clenching his fist toward the sky, he cursed God.

Jan, raised in Indonesia by a Chinese couple who worshipped Buddha and practiced witchcraft, met Henk after he left Holland as a member of the Royal Dutch Army and was wounded during a revolution.

Their marriage was improbable, their life together truly a clash of two cultures—tangled destinies!

But when something appears hopeless, miracles can happen! Johanna Garrison shares the captivating story of her parents: the wonders and woes of their marriage, an unlikely path to Christ, and a journey that brings them to America. But just when everything seems wonderful, tragedy strikes again.

Their hope-filled story will inspire you to conquer adversity, walk in forgiveness, and become a victor instead of a victim.

"I urge you to keep some tissue with you as you read this book. There are moments when you will cry over the adversity described, and then later you will cry with joy over what the Lord did. You will read of trial and tragedy, but you will also experience miracles of God's grace and power. Tangled Destinies is not fiction-it's the real story of how God is always for us, even when life turns against us!"

- Dr. George O. Wood
General Superintendent, Assemblies of God
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